I charge £40.00 per 50 minute session, payable by cash at the end of each session. I offer reduced rates for counsellors in training.

First session:

I am very aware that for some the first session can be very daunting. In this session I will take details of your history and listen to your reasons for attending and we can then see if we are suited to working together.

How many weeks will I need to attend ?

The aim of counselling is not only focus on external issues, but also on the relationship between you and I. Although at first this may seem strange, issues emerging from your past will enter the room and therefore into our relationship where we can explore feelings in the here and now. The beginning, middle and ending therefore is a mutual understanding of the work. We will review our work together from time to time. You will not have to leave until you are ready to do so.


At times counselling can be very emotionally challenging, however I would like you to make a commitment to attend regularly as absences will slow down the process of our counselling work.

I recognise that occasionally a session may have to be cancelled, however missed sessions and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are likely to incur the full fee.

I can offer telephone counselling if you are unable to attend.


I will give plenty of notice if I will be taking any holidays. And you will be asked to let me know if you intend to take a break.